Esports and F&B Insights with Todd Merry

Todd: Esports is a real thing and is really going fulfill a lot of the hype, but the live event is still a question mark. Jared: Hey there ALSD Jared Frank here with Todd Merry the Chief Marketing Officer for Delaware North. Full-time Marketer, part-time Esports fanatic. We just finished up a fabulous panel addressing the topic of Esports. Clearly there are some additional questions that we would like to continue to cover here.

Thanks for joining us Todd: Sure, great. Jared: You know I think one thing we’ve learned today, throughout the week, and even previous to this week is there’s a lot of hype around Esports. That hype doesn’t always match reality or what’s possible for a venue. I was wondering if you can speak to some of your experience with some of your clients, some of your venues who have come and asked you for some of your thoughts on the topic.

Maybe what they had in mind wasn’t necessarily realistic. Todd: Yeah I mean there’s a lot of hype around Esports in general. I think some of it is real, meaning that Esports in a handful of years will be just as big as everyone is saying it is. How that’s going translate to live events, and then to buildings I think is a different matter. I mean you talk about every building today wants to host a big event you know Barclays Center, Staples Center, TD Garden. Then you have the baseball teams and you have the football teams who want to see about getting Esports event to their venue.

You know frankly now that’s probably where the hype is. It’s probably not realistic for some of these larger venues. There’s never been an event the size of a baseball stadium or a football stadium ever held in the US. Yes in China. Yes in Korea, but not here. Does that mean there won’t happen in a few years?

It might, but not today. That’s where I get worried about the hype. We’ve had some of our baseball clients come to us and say ‘hey we’ve had organizers approach us and they’re going to do an event for us for two days’. I said wow that’s interesting.

You know what titles? Because not all titles are available the publishers control those events. There are a lot of people out there talking about this sort of stuff, and I think that’s where the hype comes in. Again we’ve talked some of our clients off the ledge when it comes to expectations around hosting events at a baseball stadium across two or three days. Five years from now, absolutely that could happen.

Today it’s not particularly likely. That’s where you worry a little it about Esports. There’s no doubt Esports is a real thing and is really going fulfill a lot of the hype, but the live event is still a question mark. Jared: Can you give us some context on what these events entail?

They are long days. They are multi days. How does that play into the calculus of operating these venues? Then could you segway that into the food and beverage component? Todd: Yeah that’s the incredibly important part of it, the hospitality.

You know it’s not unlike feeding an army, right? When you have people for two, three, four hours maybe, you can plan a meal or a day part. You have these long events which tend to be, but not all of them, a lot of them are nine, ten, twelve hours a day for two, three, four days in a row. That’s different. I mean now you’re talking about feeding people breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

By the way, as it happens now a lot of times is the same thing three or four days in a row. I can say my kids at home don’t eat same thing three, four days in a row, so I don’t know what you expect fans to do that. I think from an F&B standpoint there’s a real responsibility on folks like Delaware North and other F&B providers to really rethink how they serve fans in those sort of environments.

You talk about how it’s different. Again, think about seating. Is any stadium seat today that’s not a premium room or perhaps a club seat really comfortable for nine to ten hours a day? Probably not.

They weren’t built for that. For well baseball they were built for a two hour game not a two and a half hour game like we have today, but certainly not built for nine to ten hours. So even thinking about seating. Thinking about how we allow people congregate in social areas. And the social nature of these events is different than football, basketball, or hockey.

There’s a lot of things. I don’t think we need to erase our playbooks. I think there’s lots of stuff we can take from traditional sports that are relevant. I always use the example of cheerleaders.

You’re not going see cheerleaders at Esports events. What you will see in between those breaks or between matches is cosplay. As well as other events out in the concourse that are fun and a distraction and keep people engaged and busy outside of the actual action happening the matches.

So I don’t say throw out the playbook for traditional sports, lots we can learn. I think when it comes to F&B and to just the physical plant of how these events are where they’re being held I think we do need to sort of rethink what that means. Jared: You mentioned baseball. We’ve had, call it a hundred years to figure out you know the behaviors of a baseball fan and what they want and expect from the in venue experience. We’ve had call it a hundred months to do the same for Esports. So how do we expedite those learnings?

How do we with essentially know data now? There’s an absence of data today. How do we acquire that data quickly in order to make good decisions? Todd: I think there’s lots of things. It’s interesting this is also not a demographic we’ve had in our buildings either.

It’s not like these are basketball fans who are now also Esports fans, and kind of know what to expect when they come. A lot of these fans have no preconceived notions. They’re not going to just come and have the hot dog or hamburger they always have when they come to your building.

A lot of the times they haven’t been to your building. I think it’s incumbent upon buildings and tournament organizers to really accelerate their fan learning. So it’s surveying customers after an event. It’s using social listening, which is social media tools that allow you to eavesdrop on all the channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, anything out there. So we can learn as much as possible in a shorter possible amount of time to understand what fans liked, what they didn’t like when they came to our buildings. I also think it’s a classic Steve Jobs thing.

No one was asking for the iPod. No was asking for the iPhone. Some of it is getting out ahead of fans too.

These fans aren’t necessary going to tell you what they want, but it’s incumbent upon the building. I’ll use the TD Garden that’s our building, to take what they know about events, take what they know about these fans and create those experiences whether it’s premium experience or it’s F&B. Again, you’re not going to nail it right out of the gate. It’s the test and learn. Iterate quickly the stuff that didn’t work.

You know try something new from the verified list of online casinos the next time. It’s that flexibility, which I’ll put my hand up, is not traditionally something that F&B providers are very good at. We’re very good at you know mass consistent good quality but regular feeding. We don’t change the menu at the garden every game or even between the Celtics and the Bruins. But for these fans you do need to be flexible and a little bit more willing to iterate and change.

Jared: Again, not being specific but let’s call it 50% of these events are general mission and a growing number of them are providing in-and-out privileges. Those are unique components as well. How do they impact the fan behaviors? Todd: Well so that’s interesting. You mentioned two things that are almost at odds with each other. “In and out”, no one loves it from a venue per cap perspective.

Particularly for those venues that are in the midst of a city or midst of an area where you can go have lots of different F&B options. But again, I think it’s a reality. When we host events at Columbus or the Blue Jackets arena there is in and out.

That’s in an area where there’s lots of options and I think it’s best for the fans. I’ll use an example place where we don’t work but I think it’s a good example, Foxborough, or someplace like that with the Patriots. While there’s Patriots place right there, it’s not as many options around the middle of the city.

You mentioned general admission, which I think is really interesting. What you find is when you have general admission, which is a number large number of events, you have people simply not wanting to leave their seat. They’ve worked hard they’ve stood in line to get that seat. They don’t want to leave for one or two hours because they’ll lose those seats. I think it’s incumbent upon on the venue and the F&B partner to come up with ways to deliver food and drink to the seat.

Logistically this is a nightmare. It’s hard. It costs money to staff, but again it’s for us to figure it out. The fans don’t care. I’m a fan and if you told me someone’s going deliver me a beer and whatever is on the menu to my seat in the middle of a big DOTA tournament I’d love it. Ordering on my phone, they’d walk it down to us.

It’s I don’t think we’re getting to the old world of hockers roaming the arena. I think it’s too distracting for these sorts of events, but again that mobile ordering and that logistical delivering to seat, even if it’s a premium price. Again go back to these fans there they’re not poor they’re affluent, More affluent than your average fan.

They’ll pay for them so I think it can it coming upon us to figure it out. Jared: Last question I’ll get you out of here on this. How are sweets being used or perhaps not being used for these events? Todd: Yeah, I do think that’s a missed opportunity. Again, go back to the data that we know, long days, multiple-day events. I think suites and club spaces are a perfect example of space that today is being unused, mostly unused, or used in a non-monetized way.

Meaning being provided to teams or to people associated with a venue or the publisher. Again long days long hours, to have that comfortable space, to have where there’s a bathroom, where there’s a food menu you can choose from that people will bring to you. By the way sightlines are really interesting. Because again, I’m talking about traditional suites, they vary place to place. The perfect sightline for some of these events is not right down by the stage, because the fact is you’re not really watching the stage you’re watching the screen. So it’s actually farther up in the bowl and where a lot of the suites are in place so it’s brilliant viewing.

I think what buildings and organizers need to figure out is what that price point is. I’ve talked about the affluence of these fans, and they are absolutely affluent but they’re not corporations. So you’re not going sell JPMorgan a suite.

You’re selling to individuals or small groups of individuals. I think again, incumbent upon the building to figure out what is that right price point or what is the right service point. You asked a short question I’m going to try and keep it to a short answer. I think there’s lots of different things you could do around technology. Different ways you could activate between suites, between matches. You can compete in whatever the title you’re watching is, in informal tournaments around the arena.

Lots of different things. At the very basic level space being unused I think can be used and monetized if priced correctly and serviced at the right level. Jared: Well Todd we certainly appreciate your time.

This is a topic with much interest and it is very quickly moving. I’m sure if and when we have this conversation a year from now it’s going be completely different. We look forward to being in touch right we appreciate your time. Todd: Thanks Jared!

Bandai Namco Entertainment

Like most Ys games, it features a deep and involving story that ties in to the history of Ys. This PC release enhances the visual experience with adjustable High-Res mode, gamepad support, achievements and so much more. It receives a PlayScore of 8.15 5. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Together with Bandai Namco Entertainment, Level-5 brings back the breathtaking sights of their chibi-filled RPG with this jaw-dropping sequel. In direct collaboration with Studio Ghibli, dive into a familiar yet vastly improved Ni No Kuni chapter. After being overthrown by a mysterious coup, the Young King Evan on a life-changing journey of self and redemption. Meet new people around their beautifully crafted kingdoms, and head to battle with engaging combat system. It’s an all-new Ni No Kuni world, with memorable moments and heartwarming friendships. It receives a PlayScore of 8.33 4. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age One of PlayStation 2’s best-selling games. Return to Dalmasca in this beautiful remaster of the sky-soaring, wall-destroying characters of Final Fantasy XII.

Named The Zodiac Age, it promises to enhance most of the concerns from the community such Game Balance. It’s International Zodiac Job System brings a whole new approach to the progression. This puts your characters to unique specialties and skills that was once a missing feature during the original game. Though the updates seem huge, it’s still pretty much the game game. Get caught in its political conspiracies and difficult boss fights. And as usual, don’t listen to Ondore’s lies, because this game receives a PlayScore of 8.33 3. The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC You’re not a real JRPG fan if you haven’t heard of Nihon Falcom’s legendary Trails in the Sky series. The future of Liberl is still at stake under the deeper control of the mysterious Society of Ouroboros. Picking up shortly after the events of the first chapter, follow Estelle as she travels across the land in search of his missing step-brother Joshua.

As a Bracer Guild member, immerse yourself in a grand adventure as you help townsfolk with their problems, play mini-games and meet a stellar cast of memorable characters. With an expanded combat system, powered by an acclaimed soundtrack to boot, it’s truly one of gaming’s most important JRPG. It has a PlayScore of 8.52 2. Tales Of Berseria When it comes to JRPG’s, there’s always Tales. Ever since the release of the first Tales game, numerous installments have been created.. With each helping shape the future of the franchise. Bandai Namco’s latest addition to the series is Tales of Berseria. This will be the sixteenth entry to the ever growing Tales series and it serves as a prequel to Zestiria. Berseria is already available to Japanese gamers since August 2016, as usual. The story follows a band of heroes in a Kingdom corrupted by demonic presence. The gameplay is similar to most Tales games. It’s still an RPG in third-person perspective. The gameplay remains the same in almost every way — from combat to the underlying mechanics.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.55 1. And the best PC JRPG game so far is none other than Valkyria Chronicles SEGA’s cel-shaded take on the War Genre that involves flying bullets and political intrigue. Set in a war-torn land in the first ever entry to SEGA’s cult favorite, Valkyria Chronicles. Control a band of heroes in their effort to quell the enemy empire from amassing an impending invasion. Utilize the game’s unique Tactical Combat gameplay Called the BlitZ Combat System. Players take control of characters in the battlefield to move and shoot enemies via turn-based and real-time moments. Aside from its hybrid gameplay, the story is gripping with political heights. The cutscenes and the game’s gorgeous art style also comes into full form due to its 1080p and 60 frames per second improvement. It has a PlayScore of 8.71


A Great JRPG Collection

God Eater 2: Rage Burst Bandai Namco’s gritty version of CAPCOM’s Monster Hunter series. However, this one puts action to its very center. Set three years after the events of GOD EATER Resurrection, a mysterious rain sparks a pandemic to the world. As member of the Special Unit called Blood, it’s your task to investigate. Set in a dystopian future where humanity is threatened by gargantuan beasts, it’s up to a select group of elite heroes known as God Eaters to quell the destruction they caused. Using their iconic God Arcs, this gigantic weapons serves as their melee and range attack. It offers a diverse take on the hack and slash genre, while teaming up with your friends in co-op mode. It receives a PlayScore of 7.79 9. Nioh: Complete Edition Set in the Land of the Rising Sun, follow the story of western Samurai named William as he enacts vengeance on the person that robbed him of his happiness. Considered as a mix of JRPG and action hack and slash, it takes inspiration from FromSoftware’s Soul Series. Based on Akira Kurosawa’s unfinished work, embark on a grand adventure in the Sengoku Period and fend off iconic mythical creatures that block your path.

It’s varied combat makes use of multiple weapons that enable you to easily take down Japan’s ugly beasts. It’s a challenging and unforgettable journey that rivals the Souls series and it receives a PlayScore of 7.90 8. World Of Final Fantasy Square Enix’s chibified version of their best-selling franchise takes you to a magical journey with siblings Reynn and Lann. Explore the vast land of Grymoire as you rediscover the past and save the future. Borrowing Pokemon’s gameplay, players utilise their captured monsters to fight for them in battle. Apart from its gameplay, meet familiar and iconic characters of the Final Fantasy series all in their cute chibified forms. Characters such as Cloud, Lightning, and others will guide you on your adventure. It receives a PlayScore of 7.90 7. NieR: Automata Straight out of Yoko Taro’s own head, enter a desolate Earth populated by Alien robots.

This spin-off to the Drakengard Series takes you to the life of YoRHa Androids, 2B, A2, and 9S as they unearth the biggest mysteries of human consciousness. Gameplay-wise, it’s a cathartic hack and slash RPG experience. Considering it was once a Sony exclusive, Square Enix managed to give the PC users a chance to enjoy a gripping story about these curious AI’s. Roam around its gorgeous open world and take control of these protagonists as they find out what it means to be human. It’s an existentialists nightmare, and not to mention it offers a ton of endings. It receives a PlayScore of 8.09 6. Ys VI: Ark Of Naphistim Nihom Falcom’s iconic JRPG once again takes you to the shoes of the legendary Adol the Red. In Ark Of Naphistim, Adol was washed ashore in a mysterious island. This is the first 3D Ys game ever released, and it’s new and improved real-time combat is a game-changer.

Devil May Cry Legacy

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Before the coming of Devil May Cry 5, we take a look back to the one of the greatest hack and slash games of all time. This time, Dante has a new friend. Following the events of the first Devil May Cry, get to know the new character Nero as he protects the city of Fortuna from pandemonium, one smackdown at a time. For the first time in the series, players control two major characters: Nero and Dante, each with unique combat elements and storylines. Special Edition adds a buttload of new content to the game including playable characters like Vergil, Lady, and Trish. Alongside its new content, its polished to pure HD for that perfect demon smacking fun. It has a PlayScore of 8.25 Found the game for you? You can get them by using the links provided in our description box. And if your game isn’t on the list, make sure to check

Transformers: Devastation From the team behind Bayonetta. This game delights you with a cacophony of clanking metal and transforming Alien robots in hack and slash fun. As autobots, your job is to protect the planet from the ravaging Insecticons and Constructicons, and eliminating the threats for good. With Platinum Games’ golden touch, Devastation’s hack and slash gameplay flows with ease. Control one of the five iconic characters from the franchise including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack and Grimlock. Together they do their job to safeguard humanity with their transforming powers. It plays a lot like Bayonetta–if she were a towering metal behemoth, instead of the sexy witch that she is. It has a PlayScore of 8.31 4. Darksiders Released on the PC way back in 2010, THQ Nordic’s action adventure remains as one of the defining titles in the genre. In a series yet to be completed, this first installment follows the misadventures of War personified. Bringing destructive chaos into the post apocalyptic Earth, hacking and slashing as the hellish horseman is almost a heavenly delight. The graphics may well be outdated by today’s standards but it doesn’t make it any less satisfying. Arm yourself with an array of weapons, solve a few puzzles, and bring down whatever towering creature stands in your way. A stellar first impression, it has a PlayScore of 8.47 3.

DmC: Devil May Cry Hold up, before anyone goes crazy, this was a pretty decent Devil May Cry game. Ninja Theory’s very own take on CAPCOM’s iconic demon-slaying series may not be for everyone, but it does prove to be a great game in terms of its familiar elements. A prequel reboot of some sorts, follow the origins of Dante and Vergil as they take down the evil Mundus from corrupting the world. Just like the original, engage in its frenzied hack and slash combat powered by impressive level designs and backed by a mesmerizing dubstep soundtrack. It receives a PlayScore of 8.71 2. Bayonetta If there’s one video game character that can comfortably go toe to toe with Dante from Devil May Cry, it’s Bayonetta. SEGA’s badass heroine is lauded for her sexy personality and absurd fighting skills. Beat your enemies with the whip of her deadly locks, or shoot them with your majestic guns. Everything is possible when you’re a Hideki Kamiya character. Just like most hack and slash games, its combat is fast-paced, button-mashing mayhem.

It’s upcoming title, Bayonetta 3, is coming out very soon and we just can’t wait. It has a PlayScore of 8.84 1. And the best hack and slash game is Dead Cells We might be in trouble, or we might not. As it is, Motion Twins‘ indie title is already a loveable jumble o’ genres. Without adding to it, the game happily complies with the heart of hack and slash, what with its intense and deliciously satisfying combat. In the hands of Dead Cells, death–usually the bane of a gamer’s existence–becomes almost a happy incident, letting you retrace steps and kill monsters with even more gusto. A welcome, albeit unexpected, addition to the roster, it has a PlayScore of 9.03 Also, you can catch and the whatoplay gang play the latest games at our gameplay channel whatoplay live by clicking that icon in the top right corner. And those were the Top 10 PC Hack and Slash Games. Tell us what you think in the comment section. And if you loved this video, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to become a certified whatoplayer. That’s it. See you next time.

Learn How to Play Backgammon

The aboard fixture backgammon is amongst the most age-old games acknowledged to man. It truly is believed that early variations of the video game have been played in Old Egypt, Mesopotamia and Ancient Rome. Given that then, the match has evolved, changed numerous names and spread to diverse components in the world. It is presently a popular pastime all over the US, East Asia, Europe, as well as the Center East.

So that you can perform backgammon all you have to have is really a partner, two dice as well as a unique backgammon aboard with pieces. The backgammon board is separated into two sides with every single one particular may be the mirror reflection of the other. Every side contains 12 triangles known as things numbered from 1 to 24.

At the beginning placement with the video game, just about every participant has a couple of checkers on the 24 stage, three checkers for the 8 level and five for the 13 and six stage. Each participant moves from his property board as a result of the outer board toward the opponent property panel.

The object of backgammon, then, is to proceed your pieces towards your opponent household aboard and eliminate them away the aboard prior to your opponent moves his pieces on the way to the home board. The speed with the progress of each and every progress is determined because of the result from the dice roll.

The backgammon play starts with the two gamers tossing a single die. The participant whose result may be the highest, makes the initial proceed employing both equally his and his opponents variety. In case the end result on the dice toss is even, the game enthusiasts toss the dice once again until finally an uneven outcome seems. From now on, each and every participant tosses the two dice on his turn.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

How to Write the Best CV

In order to get the job you want, you need to present your potential employer with the kind of CV that he or she wants to see.  It is given and take, fifty-fifty – pick your cliche, in other words, they all apply.  You absolutely cannot hope to get ahead in a really good, well-paying position if you a., do not include your curriculum vitae at all, or b. include a badly written, sloppy, disorganized one.  It is simply a fact that you will get a much better response if you write a very well organized curriculum vitae – specifically, one which is chock full of information that is relevant to and supportive of your professional goals and objectives.  And, of course, the information needs to show that you are the best possible person for the job as well.

With all that being said, this article is going to contain some top CV tips, in order to give you the tools you need to write the best possible curriculum vitae It really is not all that difficult.  Like say, you simply have to be extraordinarily organized.  Even if you are not normally given to organization, this is the one time in your life when you need to be – trust, you can give it up right after, if you like!  However, getting the job you want depends on including a well organized curriculum vitae, cover letter, and resume.

The first thing you need to do when writing your CV is to prioritize.  In terms of the job to which you are applying, what are your most relevant work experiences?  How about your academic, volunteer, and research experiences?  Anything which shows that you have the skills and qualifications for the position you are applying for needs to go in your curriculum vitae, it is absolutely vital.

The best CV format will also include a summary of your objectives and qualifications.  However, you still need to try as hard as you can to keep your CV concise.  Unlike your resume, of course, this can be quite a bit longer.  Still, you never want to go overboard.  When you include too much information, you run the risk of wasting your prospective employer’s time.  You see, he or she does want to know about you, your experience, your accomplishments and achievements, and your skills.  However, look at it from his or her point of view – when an employer has a spot to be filled, he or she undoubtedly has to go through a number of job applicants every single day.  We are talking dozens at the very least, and for a sought after position, the numbers are going to be much larger.  So think about it: he or she has to go through a curriculum vitae, a resume, and a cover letter for every applicant.  That takes up a lot of time!  So while you should certainly include all pertinent and important information and history, just try to be as concise as possible.  Lay out the facts, but try not to embellish too awfully much.

Mind you, these are just the basics as they pertain to writing your CV.  There is a wealth of additional information to keep in mind, it all depends on the position to which you are applying.  At its heart, CV writing is something of an art form.  There are a number of strategies, techniques, and formats which can help you, for any job you can possibly imagine.  So keep an eye out here, because odds are we will be covering them at one time or another!

Quantum of Solace

Many people compare the direction the Bond series is taking to the Jason Bourne movies, because the action is stronger, dryer, and more realistic. Many make a quick parallel between the two characters and conclude by saying that now Bond is just a copy of Bourne. The inspiration in the new direction is evident, and yet Bond is not just a copy of Bourne. There is something in Bond’s character that makes him, and the films he appears in, original and exciting. He is a rich, long history, dating all the way back to the sixties, making us look at him as someone we know by heart. And yet for the first time, he seems like an unpredictable character. Never has the super-spy been so human, so understandable, and at the same time so lethal.

Daniel Craig is no stranger to that new Bond fascination. In Casino Royale, his charisma was impressive and offered a new face for 007, one we did not expect. This time, the phase of acceptance of that new face has passed. And it takes only a few minutes to realize that Craig’s appropriation of the character is definitive. The British actor brings more to the character than any actor before him (yes, even Connery). He has strength and charisma for sure, but it does not stop here. Craig elevates Bond to melancholy, to bitterness. Bond, that white hero of the Crown of England, has never been so gray, so tainted with a sense of tragedy.  The last sequence of the film translates this feeling perfectly. Just like this beautiful opera sequence, in the middle of the movie, orchestrated with Maestri by Forster.

I hesitate to say that from this point on, James Bond is complete and ready for steady adventures. Because Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace may have forged a new Bond, but what they (and Daniel Craig) have forged as well is the sense that from now on, you can never know what to expect from James Bond.

4 / 5 stars

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Travel tips in Thailand

There are few things you need to know about Thailand before traveling to the country. First, you need to decide how long you are planning to stay in Thailand. For many of us, it’s long distance destination so one week might not be enough to explore and learn about the country. We recommend at least 2 weeks trip there. Then you will have enough time to see different places and maybe have the stomach flu which is quite common for foreigners to have there. The longer you will stay in the country, the more you’ll fall in love with it. There is no such thing as a too long tourism in Thailand.


If you are an adventurer you might want to take your backpack and move around without any real plans. Backpacking opens you multiple options and places where you might not be able to go with your suitcase. Don’t hesitate and just do it. Suitcase traveling is a better option when traveling with children and people who do not want to move from one place to another. Moving around might cause stress for some people and if you are one of them, don’t do it.


Thailand offers multiple day trips to short distance locations and there are reliable travel kiosks in almost every street. Choose your adventures from there and the travel agency helps you to plan the best trip for you. Trips are not very expensive in there and if you go there today you can go on a trip tomorrow. This is easy and very stress-free.


You might need to use local transportations in Thailand. Be prepared and learn advance is my tip for you. Taxis and tuk-tuks might try to take more money first so bargain, bargain, bargain. You can negotiate with almost everything. Thai people or not in a rush, they don’t play with their minutes. So if you have appointed pickup then you might be prepared for waiting few extra minutes. The driver might come an hour late and that’s no big deal for them. So forget your watch at home and prepare to wait. The only thing you should make sure you’re at the airport at the right time. They won’t wait.


Darkout Game Review Part 3

There are crafting window. There’s a LOT of things you can craft within those tabs

In terms of items and customization, I do love it. Being the Sci-Fi game that it is, our weapons range from bows and arrows to guns that go pew pew. We also get to have body hugging space suits. Oh, and if you’re like me that likes to make her home beautiful and practically have a mansion, you’ll enjoy the fact that we do have furnitures in the game, as well as wallpapers (Sci-Fi themed of course!)


My abode is pretty humble so far. It will be bigger and more awesome later 🙂 I have an underground mine going on there. Also I got an newly crafted body suit. I glow so pretty.

At the moment, you can only play as a female, however this will change on a future update. The male counterpart will have all the armors and items that the female character currently have. Hey, if I didn’t mind capturing pokemons as a dude for a long time, it shouldn’t be too bothersome for you fellas.

Multiplayer is being worked on at this time so we will get to play with our buddies soon enough. 🙂 I’m very excited about that myself.

Enemy spawning gets a bit crazy sometimes but the devs are addressing this issue right now.

As for the controls, it took me a little bit to get used to. It’s not difficult or anything, it’s just that to do certain things, like use items or put them back in your bag, unlike the typical just click the left or right button on your mouse; you have to hold shift+click (L/R). Don’t worry, I’ll cover them on my beginner tips later.

For a game that just came out, in terms of what we have so far, everything is pretty smooth. Though of course we get bugs here and there that they quickly remedy. When I say quickly, it was fairly quickly. Many were done the same day they were informed about the bugs.

Darkout Game Review Part 2

There is no denying this game is gorgeous. As you can see the dark ambiance and the beautiful glowing plants were obviously inspired by the atmosphere and floras of Pandora.

This game have many biomes and many more to come!

Nooow do you guys see what I mean by possibly inspired by the movie Aliens. This guy be lurking all up on my mining spot. When you see this guy be careful! He’s a spitter! Like on the picture below

Yeah, he changes color after a time, I’m not exactly sure yet what this could mean.

Gameplay and Features

Upon starting the game, you pretty much get thrown into a randomly generated world (big, small, or large depending on what you picked). They are however, planning on creating a background story for your poor, currently hobo-status character. Also, there is really no tutorial at the moment, but don’t fret my dears, I’ll lay down some tips and what not later just like I promised. For now, salvage/mine, explore, and build a home or underground bunker ASAP. You saw the monsters on the picture above. You do NOT want to be spat ickly colorful things (or later on, pure acid vomit which I’m not ashamed to admit hit me hard) and die from it. The good thing is that there is no penalty for death, although running back to the area you died at can be a pain, especially if that was a good mining spot. This may change though because right now they’re asking the community what they want as penalty for dying.


Nomnomnom precious ores

An interesting feature in the game is Research. Unlike Terraria and other sandbox game where you have to play around mixing materials to discover recipes (or if you’re lazy like me, make wiki your best friend), you earn RP (Research Points) for actions you take such as mining or crafting; and you may use this points to research new recipes that you can craft. Some of these recipes are prerequisites for more advanced recipes. Don’t worry too much about the points though. Like I said, it’s quite easy to acquire just by farming and crafting. Fighting and gaining experience also give you RP.

Darkout Game Review

A sci-fi Terraria?! Naw man it’s Dark Out. A sandbox game that can truly hold its own.

If you were like me that cried her woes upon hearing that Terraria is no longer giving updates (well for us PC gamers anyway, they’re still updating away on the console platforms) I feels ya pain peeps. After finally getting over my denial about this sad fact, I started scavenging for sandbox games that have as much customization and beastly fun as Terraria. Now, I was originally going to get this game called Starbound (Another Sci-Fi sandbox game in development) but I just have been missing and craving my Terraria so much that I was having a hard time waiting. So as I was searching away, I accidentally stumbled upon Darkout and my goodness was I ever glad.

You guys will read quite a few critics and gamers telling you to stay away from the game because it’s a rip-off of Terraria. However, please DO NOT be swayed because you will be missing out on a wonderful game. I research the shizhen on games that perks my interest, especially ones I’m going to pay for (hey man, I’m the typical broke college student) Am I glad I did not heed those people. Now, before I talk about all that jazz let’s show y’all the game first. I will also provide some beginner tips .

Darkout is a side scrolling sandbox game that was of course, inspired by Terrarias mechanics. Mechanics they wish to improve on and surpass as well. So it wouldn’t be exactly fair to claim that its Terrarias clone . Much like how Terraria isn’t a minecraft clone (another game that people tried to compare Darkout with). Terraria was merely the muse so to speak. The developers also mentioned that this was inspired by the movie Avatar as well (the muse for Darkouts environment), now let me tell you, it really shows. When you play the game, you definitely will feel that darkly beautiful and dangerous vibe of Pandora. Personally, I feel like they were also inspired by the movie Aliens.