Darkout Game Review Part 3

There are crafting window. There’s a LOT of things you can craft within those tabs

In terms of items and customization, I do love it. Being the Sci-Fi game that it is, our weapons range from bows and arrows to guns that go pew pew. We also get to have body hugging space suits. Oh, and if you’re like me that likes to make her home beautiful and practically have a mansion, you’ll enjoy the fact that we do have furnitures in the game, as well as wallpapers (Sci-Fi themed of course!)


My abode is pretty humble so far. It will be bigger and more awesome later ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an underground mine going on there. Also I got an newly crafted body suit. I glow so pretty.

At the moment, you can only play as a female, however this will change on a future update. The male counterpart will have all the armors and items that the female character currently have. Hey, if I didn’t mind capturing pokemons as a dude for a long time, it shouldn’t be too bothersome for you fellas.

Multiplayer is being worked on at this time so we will get to play with our buddies soon enough. ๐Ÿ™‚ Iโ€™m very excited about that myself.

Enemy spawning gets a bit crazy sometimes but the devs are addressing this issue right now.

As for the controls, it took me a little bit to get used to. Itโ€™s not difficult or anything, itโ€™s just that to do certain things, like use items or put them back in your bag, unlike the typical just click the left or right button on your mouse; you have to hold shift+click (L/R). Don’t worry, I’ll cover them on my beginner tips later.

For a game that just came out, in terms of what we have so far, everything is pretty smooth. Though of course we get bugs here and there that they quickly remedy. When I say quickly, it was fairly quickly. Many were done the same day they were informed about the bugs.

Darkout Game Review Part 2

There is no denying this game is gorgeous. As you can see the dark ambiance and the beautiful glowing plants were obviously inspired by the atmosphere and floras of Pandora.

This game have many biomes and many more to come!

Nooow do you guys see what I mean by possibly inspired by the movie Aliens. This guy be lurking all up on my mining spot. When you see this guy be careful! He’s a spitter! Like on the picture below

Yeah, he changes color after a time, I’m not exactly sure yet what this could mean.

Gameplay and Features

Upon starting the game, you pretty much get thrown into a randomly generated world (big, small, or large depending on what you picked). They are however, planning on creating a background story for your poor, currently hobo-status character. Also, there is really no tutorial at the moment, but don’t fret my dears, I’ll lay down some tips and what not later just like I promised. For now, salvage/mine, explore, and build a home or underground bunker ASAP. You saw the monsters on the picture above. You do NOT want to be spat ickly colorful things (or later on, pure acid vomit which I’m not ashamed to admit hit me hard) and die from it. The good thing is that there is no penalty for death, although running back to the area you died at can be a pain, especially if that was a good mining spot. This may change though because right now they’re asking the community what they want as penalty for dying.


Nomnomnom precious ores

An interesting feature in the game is Research. Unlike Terraria and other sandbox game where you have to play around mixing materials to discover recipes (or if you’re lazy like me, make wiki your best friend), you earn RP (Research Points) for actions you take such as mining or crafting; and you may use this points to research new recipes that you can craft. Some of these recipes are prerequisites for more advanced recipes. Don’t worry too much about the points though. Like I said, it’s quite easy to acquire just by farming and crafting. Fighting and gaining experience also give you RP.

Darkout Game Review

A sci-fi Terraria?! Naw man it’s Dark Out. A sandbox game that can truly hold its own.

If you were like me that cried her woes upon hearing that Terraria is no longer giving updates (well for us PC gamers anyway, they’re still updating away on the console platforms) I feels ya pain peeps. After finally getting over my denial about this sad fact, I started scavenging for sandbox games that have as much customization and beastly fun as Terraria. Now, I was originally going to get this game called Starbound (Another Sci-Fi sandbox game in development) but I just have been missing and craving my Terraria so much that I was having a hard time waiting. So as I was searching away, I accidentally stumbled upon Darkout and my goodness was I ever glad.

You guys will read quite a few critics and gamers telling you to stay away from the game because it’s a rip-off of Terraria. However, please DO NOT be swayed because you will be missing out on a wonderful game. I research the shizhen on games that perks my interest, especially ones I’m going to pay for (hey man, I’m the typical broke college student) Am I glad I did not heed those people. Now, before I talk about all that jazz let’s show y’all the game first. I will also provide some beginner tips .

Darkout is a side scrolling sandbox game that was of course, inspired by Terrarias mechanics. Mechanics they wish to improve on and surpass as well. So it wouldn’t be exactly fair to claim that its Terrarias clone . Much like how Terraria isn’t a minecraft clone (another game that people tried to compare Darkout with). Terraria was merely the muse so to speak. The developers also mentioned that this was inspired by the movie Avatar as well (the muse for Darkouts environment), now let me tell you, it really shows. When you play the game, you definitely will feel that darkly beautiful and dangerous vibe of Pandora. Personally, I feel like they were also inspired by the movie Aliens.